NOTE: We are moving to "continuous" builds which are updated after code changes and "daily" snapshots are no longer updated! This page may be taken down in the near future.

Note: any dates shown below are the date we started making the daily releases, not the date that particular daily release was made !

This is a nightly snapshot version of EMAN2/SPARX. It's stability may vary from day to day. If you have problems with the most recent release version, or are looking for recent patches, use this version. Stable release versions are available on the main download page. As with the release binaries, all binaries on this page are based on Anaconda Python, and come with their own interpreter. Please follow the new installation instructions.



These packages also include SPARX and SPHIRE

If you run into any problems, please complain or check the Google Group

Documentation is provided through the Wiki

Please note that the nightly source code releases have been discontinued, since EMAN2 is now officially on GitHub: http://github.com/cryoem/eman2

Nightly builds are provided for Mac OS X 10.8+. We generally try to maintain support for versions ~4-5 years old.

Only true 64-bit Windows releases are now provided. There are additional options on Win 10.

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