EMAN 2.01

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This is a bug fix version of EMAN 2.0. Please use this version (or a nightly snapshot) in preference to any of the earlier versions.

The EMAN2 binary and source downloads also include SPARX !

Please follow the installation instructions at:



EMAN2 includes many enhancements and new features, in addition to being a stable official release.

It includes:

  • Complete graphical workflow interface for single particle reconstruction and other tasks.
  • Qt/OpenGL user interface for 2d & 3d display.
  • Refinements ~5 - 20x faster than EMAN1 possible.
  • Over 200 modular image processing algorithms.
  • Flexible infrastructure allows you to control virtually every aspect of the reconstruction process.
  • Support for all known cryoEM file formats.
  • Project system which organizes data and records all reconstruction info.
  • First version of revamped single particle tomography, including a nice tomographic particle picking tool
  • First version of support for using EMAN2 to seed Frealign refinements, and reincorporate the results.
  • First version of a tool for random conical tilt reconstructions (though this lacks a GUI at present)
  • Supports parallel processing via 3 different mechanisms: multiple threads on a single computer, flexible distributed model and MPI for use on shared supercomputers.
  • Improved CTF correction, which can handle CTF fully automatically on ~95 % of images.
  • Many other improvements, both subtle and profound :-)

Windows users - Please note that while we do our best to periodically test the windows release to make sure it's still functioning, it is far less well-tested than the linux/Mac releases. Please report any problems you encounter.

Mac users, while we are still providing 10.5 (Leopard) binaries at the moment, you will almost certainly encounter problems. There are a number of issues with OS provided dependencies not working as they should. In addition, we cannot properly support 64 bit mode under 10.5. We STRONGLY encourage you to update to 10.6.

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