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NOTE: A number of important bugfixes have been made since RC4. Strongly suggest getting a daily snapshot until the final 2.0 release happens in late Feb.

This is the 4th and hopefully final release candidate for EMAN2.0. It includes a number of bugfixes and improvements. This version may produce moderately better resolutions than RC3.

This is a bugfix and minor enhancement release, and is hopefully the last before 2.0. The main change expected before the 2.0 release is inclusion of MPI support.

Version changes

Significant changes since RC3. See http://blake.bcm.edu/emanwiki/EMAN2/ChangeLog for full list.

Strongly suggest using daily snapshot rather than RC4, due to important bugfixes.

  • New e2ctf option for SSNR smoothing which significantly improves high resolution alignment without tweaking filtration options.
  • Significant improvements to e2refine2d.py
  • Fixed problem with how filter cutoffs were defined in some cases. This could have a major impact if you (now) rerun old refinements with the same parameters.
  • e2classaverage has been rewritten and now produces more consistent results. May produce improved resolutions in some cases.
  • Numerous GUI bugfixes, including improvements in display and probing of FFTs.

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