Release Date



This is the second release candidate for 2.0. This version is no longer recommended.

Version changes

  • Major changes since RC1
    • Fixed a problem with building sets with excluded particles
    • Improvements to particle picking interface
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused crashes in 2-D class-averaging
    • Fixed the behavior of the 'PS Match Ref' option in 3-D refinement
    • The 32 bit Linux version "eman-linux-x86-2.0RC2.tar.bz2", has a 2D image display issue on some platforms. Please install the gcc4 version, eman-linux-x86-gcc4-2.0RC2.tar.bz2.
    • On some Win XP/7 machines we have found that switching between images in boxer causes Swarm to stop functioning. Only completely exiting the workflow and restarting seems to permit boxing a new image. If you experience this, please report it

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