EMAN2.2 / SPHIRE 1.0beta

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EMAN2.2 is a new major version of EMAN2, and includes a wide range of changes which produce better structures faster with less human effort, as well as new tools for neural network based cellular annotation, particle picking, and new subtomogram averaging tools. As always, it is jointly distributed with SPHIRE/SPARX (download one, get all 3)

Important: Starting with EMAN2.2, the binaries are distributed as shell archives (except windows). These are installed by running them through bash. Please make sure to remove existing EMAN2 installs prior to running the installer.

PLEASE read the installation instructions: http://eman2.org/Install/BinaryInstallAnaconda

  • CentOS6 version is for backwards compatibility with older Linux releases.
  • CentOS7 version should work with most modern Linux distributions
  • Optimized versions should work with most modern CPUs and will be noticeably faster. If you get hard crashes, try the non-optimized version.
  • Mac version likely requires OSX 10.10 or newer (10.9 may be ok)
  • There are 2 approaches for running on Win10. Please read the installation guide before installing

Version changes

Please see: http://eman2.org/Eman22Release

Neural Network Note:After the release we discovered that some of the Neural networking code in EMAN2 was broken. The "patch" download addresses this issue. After fully installing EMAN2 on Linux/Mac, just run this patch file to correct the problem. Alternatively, the problem should also be fixed in the nightly snapshot versions.

Download EMAN2.2 / SPHIRE 1.0beta

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