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New version of EMAN2/SPHIRE/SPARX. This is a minor release for EMAN2, with some improvements to the new per-particle-per-tilt subtomogram averaging pipeline and various bugfixes. This is a major release for SPHIRE, which includes a number of new tools as outlined below.


EMAN2.31/SPHIRE1.3/SPARX As always, all 3 software packages are part of a single installation. Each package uses a unique command prefix:

  • EMAN2: e2
  • SPHIRE: sp
  • SPARX: sx

The "huge" versions below are designed for workshops or multiple machine installations at sites with poor internet connectivity. The normal installer will download many dependencies during installation. "huge" includes pretty much all of these in a single file. Please don't download "huge" unless you need it!

Version changes

EMAN2 changes:

  • General changes:
    • New browser options for display of stacks of 3-D volumes
    • RCTboxer works properly again
    • Fixed a problem reading A/pix from FEI-style MRC files
    • New Processor for bit-compression of image files (makes images more compressible)
  • PPPT Subtomogram averaging:

SPHIRE 1.3 changes

  • Support for processing helical specimens
  • AutoSPHIRE - automatic refinement tool
  • Integration of crYOLO
  • Cinderella for 2D class selection

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