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This is the 2.12 release version. It includes several new programs, reorganization of the workflow, and a wide range of small bugfixes.

EMAN2.1 is a complete single particle reconstruction and subtomogram averaging software suite written in C++/Python. It also includes many utility capabilities for general purpose greyscale image processing.

Version changes

  • New subtomogram averaging programs, and a new alignment routine which is orders of magnitude faster than the old routine for large volumes.
  • The return of the --usefilt feature from EMAN1. The new option is --inputavg, and permits using one set of particles for alignment, and a separate set (perhaps with lower dose in movie-mode imaging) for reconstruction.
  • New e2refine_split program which will split a heterogeneous single map reconstruction into 2 submaps, identifying the largest heterogeneity present. A quick supplement to e2refinemulti.
  • e2initialmodel_hisym for high symmetry (icos,tet,cubic) initial model generation.
  • reorganization of the workflow and addition of many previously command-line only programs
  • direct support for MRCS 4-bit PACK mode in both of its forms
  • improvements to e2refine_easy heuristics for slight improvements to reconstruction quality

Download EMAN2.12

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