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EMAN2.1 has been officially released. While some minor improvements remain to be made, all major bugs have been fixed, and the system is quite stable for both single model gold standard refinements and 3-D classification. We now encourage everyone to upgrade.


This is the official release of EMAN2.1, a general purpose greyscale scientific image processing suite, with a primary focus on biological transmission electron microscopy. See http://blake.bcm.edu/emanwiki/EMAN2 for more information.

Version changes

Major Changes since 2.0x

  • e2refine_easy for single particle reconstruction
  • e2refinemulti for 3d single particle classification
  • full suite of single particle tomography tools
  • BDB system retired (still used in SPARX)
  • All new multi-model 3D viewer with annotations
  • Interconversion with Frealign, Relion, CTFFIND3, EMX
  • many more changes, see the WIKI for more

Significant bugs/deficiencies:

  • browser can become very slow for projects with >1000 micrographs. Workarounds are available
  • e2refinevariance is broken

Download EMAN2.1

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