EMAN 2.03 Release Date



This is a minor update of EMAN 2.02, including bug fixes and some feature enhancements

The EMAN2 binary and source downloads also include SPARX !

Please follow the installation instructions at: http://blake.bcm.edu/emanwiki/EMAN2/Install


Documentation is provided through the EMAN2 Wiki

Windows users - Please note that while we do our best to periodically test the windows release to make sure it's still functioning, it is far less well-tested than the linux/Mac releases. Please report any problems you encounter.

Mac users, we do not support 10.5 since there are a number of issues with OS provided dependencies not working as they should.

Linux users - some specific versions of SUSE seem to have a Qt library conflict issue. Please see the installation guide for tips on dealing with it. Linux x86 is for 32 bit Linux. Linux x86_64 is for 64 bit Linux. use command 'uname -i' to determine whether your Linux is 32 bit or 64 bit if you are not aware. The GCC4 binaries are new as of 4/2010, and provide a significant performance boost. It needs glibc version at least 2.5. You can check your system's glibc version by using command '/sbin/ldconfig -V'. Warning:We disabled the fftw cache for eman2.daily.linux64.tar.bz2 since it causes segfault on some size of image. That means it runs considerably slow compare to the gcc4 version. So please use the gcc4 version as long as your system supports.

Version changes

Important changes in this version include:

  • New EMAN1->EMAN2 transition guide in the Wiki
  • Improved MPI support
  • e2evalparticles - a GUI program for extracting or excluding particles based on their membership in 2-D class-averages
  • e2filtertool - a GUI program for building sequences of filters and other processors, and interactively adjusting parameters
  • Improvements to e2tomoboxer and the single particle tomography pipeline
  • Minor BDB bugfixes

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