EMAN2.11 Release Date



This is a new feature and bugfix release for EMAN2.1. It adds a number of experimental new features and corrects a number of minor, but annoying, bugs in the 2.1 release version.


PLEASE READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ON THE WIKI: http://blake.bcm.edu/emanwiki/EMAN2 (scroll down to the bottom of this page for the actual downloads)

As a reminder, EMAN2.1 has changed substantially from EMAN2.0:

  • No more annoying BDB storage, simple image files with human readable metadata files
  • Gold-standard refinements
  • Interconversion with Relion, Frealign, CTFFIND and other software
  • All new file browser with integrated 3D multimodel multimode display, image viewer and plotting
  • Support for 25+ different file formats, including all of the major detector formats
  • Subtomogram averaging, tilt validation, random conical tilt, and other new methods

Platform notes:

  • Linux - if you get an error about Qt version conflicts, try removing EMAN2/extlib/lib/libQt*
  • Mac - Note that you MUST have 10.7 (Lion) or newer, and your environment must be configured to use the system-provided python interpreter
  • Windows - The 32 bit version will work fine on 64 bit Windows, with some memory limitations for very large files.

Version changes

New Features:

  • e2refinevariance working again
  • Work with downsampled particles in the same project as the originals to combmine speed with final high resolution refinement
  • e2proc3d on stacks of volumes now uses much less RAM and is much faster
  • New subtomogram alignment options with improved speed particularly for large particles
  • Experimental per-particle CTF correction for subtomogram averaging
  • MRC particle stacks can now be read by any program directly as a stack of particles (must use .mrcs extension)
  • Minor resolution improvement in single particle reconstruction do to improvement in reconstruction algorithm
  • e2proc2d and e2proc3d options to select exact data output --mode for all formats (float, int, byte, etc.)
  • Updated support for FEI SER format
  • Support for EMX data exchange format
  • Support for CTFFIND parameter import
  • Initial support for display of atoms in 3-D
  • New e2proclst program for creating and manipulating .lst files
  • Improved whole image CTF fitting in e2evalimage

Significant Bugfixes:

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused some very high resolution noise to appear in 3-D reconstructions
  • Fixed problem causing strange edge effects to sometimes appear in unmasked reconstructions
  • Fixed a bug causing strange edge effects and poor centering in some 2-D class-averages.
  • Fixed a problem with marking bad particles manually.
  • Some fixes for CTF correction with astigmatism
  • New eman2.py program to reduce new user confusion

Download EMAN2.11

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