EMAN 2.1 alpha-1 Release Date



(there were many known problems with this version. Please use EMAN2.1 beta1 ore newer).

This is the first public testing release of EMAN/SPARX 2.1. This is an alpha release, meaning it is not yet feature-complete, and it is expected that a significant number of bugs will be present. It will be followed by additional alpha releases relatively rapidly as the remaining features/functions are put into place. This is a MAJOR new release with significant changes, including retiring (in EMAN2) of the BDB system, new automatic gold-standard refinement, etc.


Please see http://blake.bcm.edu/emanwiki/EMAN2/Eman21Release for more information

Another new version of the linux binaries was silently updated on 7/7/13. These new binaries are more backwards compatible, and should work on clusters running older versions of CentOS, as well as new Linux distros.

Note that a new version of the linux binaries was silently uploaded on 7/4/13 despite the date below. This fixes a couple of trivial issues with the initial binaries uploaded on 7/2.

Also note that these binaries are unusually large due to debugging enabled, which will help us track down any problems. Later versions will be smaller again.

Version changes

Version Changes

  • BDB system retired in all e2* programs (remains for backwards compatibility and SPARX)
  • Images stored in (Chimera compatible) HDF5 files by default, with metadata stored in human readable .json files.
  • New e2refine_easy.py which includes gold-standard resolution, automatic parameter selection, is faster, and should produce moderately improved structures.
  • New faster and more flexible file browser
  • Better tools for handling large projects
  • Relion, Frealign and XMipp3 exchange and project setup
  • New MPI subsystem. Shared with SPARX and easier to install
  • New multi-model 3-D viewer with slices and volume rendering
  • Windows remember where you put them

Download EMAN 2.1 alpha-1

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