Cryo-EM Workshop Single particle reconstruction with and without symmetry National Institute of Biological Standards and Control South Mimms, Potters Bar, Herts, UK June 8-12, 2009

**Workshop Objectives: **

1. Practical on high quality and computer-assisted data collection of ice-embedded specimens

2. Single particle reconstruction with and without symmetry

3. Tomographic reconstruction and post-tomographic averaging of sub-tomograms

4. Structure mining of cryo-EM density map

5. Training on latest update to EMAN2, working without symmetry

Workshop Agenda:

Day 1 - Morning

  • Wah Chiu : How to get high quality images of ice embedded specimens
  • Htet Khant : What to do and not to do in cryo-specimen preparation

Day 1 - Afternoon: Cryo-EM sample preparation, low dose imaging, cryo-TEM

Day 2 - Morning : Computer assisted data collection (JADAS)

  • Steve Ludtke: Introduction to Single Particle Reconstruction

Day 2 - Afternoon : EMAN2 Single particle reconstruction tutorial

Day 3 - Morning : Wen Jiang : Icosahedral and asymmetric reconstructions of viral particles

  • Wah Chiu: Integration of cryo-EM maps, bioinformatics and modeling

Day 3 - Afternoon : Wen Jiang: Symmetric and asymmetric reconstruction of icosahedral particles using EMAN

Day 4 - Morning: David Mastronade: 3D tomography:Tomographic reconstruction using IMOD

Day 4 - Afternoon

  • Michael Schmid: Retrieving features by post-tomographic averaging of subtomograms : Post-tomographic averaging using EMAN2

Day 5 - Morning Practical: Expert Panel discussions

  • Opportunity for students to focus on specific practical training Morning and afternoon symposium with speakers to be announced

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