Thursday 5/29/2014

10:00-10:30am: Software installation and initial setup

10:30-11:15am: Principles in 2D alignment and 3D reconstruction using Multi-Path Simulated Annealing (MPSA)

11:15-11:30am: Break

11:30-12:00am: Virus Reconstruction without Icosahedral Symmetry Imposition using MPSA

Noon-1:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00-2:00pm: Practical session on running MPSA and evaluating results

2:00-2:15pm: Break

2:15-3:00pm: Practical session on Automatic Particle Picking and CTF fitting

3:00-3:15pm: Break

3:15-4:00pm: Advanced session on using MPSA

4:00-5:00pm: discussion

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