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Presentations will be 5 minutes with 2-3 minutes for questions, and 2 minutes for setup. Due to the short length of the presentations, we request that all speakers preload powerpoint presentations on the provided PC. You may also use transparencies. A slide projector will not be available. If you elect to use your own laptop, any additional setup time will cut into your talk-time. The schedule is very full.


Structure of the Mammalian Ribosome-ER Channel complex at 17A resolution

Jean Francois Menetret, Boston University

Adventures in 3d: Synthetases, helicases and proteases

Dr. Mona T. Norcum, U. of Miss Med Ctr

Three-dimensional reconstruction of the PA200 proteasome activator

Joaquin Ortega, NIH

Structural Studies of the Anaphase Promoting Complex

Lori Passmore, The Institute of Cancer Research

Structure of Anthrax Protective Antigen and Lethal factor complexes

Gang Ren, The Scripps Research Institute

A giant protease with a twist: The TPP II complex from Drosophila melannogaster

Beate Rockel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

A pre protein Translocate

Christos Savva, Texas A&M University

EMAN meets the Yeast SWI/SNF Complex

Rachel Scherer, University of Massachusetts

Single Particle analysis of the cytoplasmic motor domain of Dyein from Dyctostelium expressed with a maltose binding protein at its N-terminus

Svetla Stoilova-McPhie, NY State Department of Health

Structure of the low-density lipoprotein, LDL

Rik van Antwerpen, Virginia Commonwealth University

SV40 large T antigen imaged at the origin of replication

Maria G. Gomez-Lorenzo, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, Madrid (Spain)

EM study of negative stained iniA

Jingchuan Sun, Texas A&M University


Visualization of RNA-protein interactions in vitro

Roman Koning, LUMC

Cryo-EM studies of the Bacterial Flagellar-Motor

Shahid Khan, SUNY Upstate Medical University

Crystal structure determination of Mycobacterium tuberculosis SecA: a preprotein translocating ATPase

Arockiasamy Arulandu, Texas A&M University

Single Particle Approach to Helical Reconstruction of the Gene Transfer Complex of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Sharon Wolf, Weizmann Institute of Science

3-D structure of fish muscle myosin thick filaments by single particle analysis

Hind AL-Kayat, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

Structural analysis of the hearing machinery

Manfred Auer, The Rockefeller University

2D Fast Rotational Matching

Julio Kovacs, The Scripps Research Institute

Toward an intermediate resolution structure of DNA tumor viruses, gammaherpesviruses

Hong Zhou, UT Houston Medical School

EM Reconstruction of the Hibiscus Chlorotic Ringpot Virus using EMAN

Danny Doan, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology

The interaction between three picornaviruses and their common receptor, ICAM-1

Chuan Xiao, Purdue University

LA Virus: a virus capsid with enzymatic mRNA recapping activity

Jinghua Tang, Scripps Research Institute

3-Dimensional reconstruction of AAV-2 using cryo-EM

Smita Bhatia, Florida State University

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