Archived Workshop Videos

  • Chiu_Visualization_workshop.ppt - Workshop Goals - Wah Chiu
  • Drubin.ppt - Why Studying Large Protein Complexes is Crucial at this Time - David Drubin
  • Jack Greenblatt.ppt - Protein Complexes in Transcription - Jack Greenblatt
  • Chromosome Segregation and Kinetochore Structure in Yeast - Peter K. Sorger
  • Protein Complexes in Cell Division in Eggs from Xenopus Laevis - Rebecca Heald
  • Yates.ppt - Analysis of Protein Complexes by Mass Spectrometry - John Yates
  • Boone.ppt - Synthetic Genetic Array Analysis: Large-Scale Mapping of Genetic Interactions Networks in Yeast - Charlie Boone
  • Mining Relevance from the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Genome and Structural Database - William Jacobs
  • Gerstein.ppt - Computational Proteomics: Prediction of Protein Interactions and Function on a Genome-Scale - Mark Gerstein
  • Sali.ppt - Modeling the Structures of Molecular Assemblies by Satisfaction of Spatial Restraints - Andrej Sali
  • Downing.ppt - Electron Crystallography: Current State and Prospects - Ken Downing
  • Milligan.ppt - The Combined Use of Cryo-Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Crystallography to Understand the Structure and Mechanisms of Molecular Machines - Ron Milligan
  • Almo.ppt - Structural Proteomics: Structural Dissection of Protein Machines - Steve Almo
  • Structural Proteomics of Infectious Agents - David Stuart
  • Kurosky.ppt - Proteomics in Airway Inflammation - Alex Kurosky
  • Buchanan.ppt - New Approaches for High-Throughput Identification and Characterization of Protein Complexes - Michelle Buchanan
  • Davis.ppt - Yeast Resource Center - Trisha Davis
  • Makowski.ppt - Realistic Goals and Milestones; Resources Needed and Funding Mechanisms - Lee Makowski

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