Single Particle Reconstructions and Visualization EMAN Tutorial

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All Day

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University of Houston Texas Learning and Computation Center Houston, TX

Pawel Penczek,University of Texas Houston Medical School
Helen Berman,PDB, RCSBRutgers University
Tom Ferrin,UCSF, Mission BayRBVI
Tom Goddard,UCSF, Mission BayRBVI
Jianpeng Ma,Baylor College of Medicine
Willy Wriggers,school of Health Info SciencesUniversity of Texas Health Science Center
Sridhar Lavu,NCMIBaylor College of Medicine
Mike Marsh,NCMIBaylor College of Medicine
Chris Booth,NCMIBaylor College of Medicine
Juan Chang,NCMIBaylor College of Medicine
Wen Jiang,NCMIBaylor College of Medicine
Matt Baker,NCMIBaylor College of Medicine
Steve Ludtke,NCMIBaylor College of Medicine
Wah Chiu,NCMIBaylor College of Medicine

Steve Ludtke,,713-798-6989,
Wah Chiu,,713-798-6985,


Acceptance emails have now been sent out. If you registered but did not receive an email, please contact me asap (

This four day workshop will cover single-particle reconstruction theory as well as practical training in performing reconstructions in EMAN and EMAN2. Techniques for interpretation, analysis, visualization, and animation of structures will also be covered in depth. Visualization will use Chimera with EMAN extensions. Introductory lectures on general image processing theory will be given each morning, followed by practical workshops each afternoon. Each participant will be provided access to an individual PC, in the University of Houston's state of the art teaching facility.

Due to computer availability, registration will be limited. Please provide information on the registration page indicating some of your background and reasons for attending the workshop. Acceptance emails will confirm registration once the registration period closes.

The entire workshop is free of charge, though participants will be responsible for their own travel and lodging. Some additional funds may be available for those needing additional assistance with travel/lodging. Please indicate requests for additional travel assistance on the registration page.


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