Visualization of Large Biomolecular Complexes

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La Jolla, California San Diego Supercomputer Center Map Link Computational Center for Biomolecular Complexes

Chandrajit Bajaj,
Arthur Olson,
Lenora Trujillo,

The workshop will be small (25 participants) and highly interactive, with the goal of bringing structural scientists together with applications and algorithm developers to discuss current and future needs, approaches and technologies. Structural biologists will discuss the types of visualization problems generated by the driving biological questions. Computer scientists and mathematicians may also discuss the technologies and solutions available to address these problems, while applications developers can discuss implementation approaches to facilitate structural research. One product of the workshop will be a "White Paper" outlining a research agenda in this area to be circulated to the appropriate funding agencies. Also planned is a "Bake-off" challenge, with pre-defined problems that we as the organizers shall select (specific suggestions accepted). These challenge problems, representing typical large scale visualization problems in structural biology, will be circulated at least two months before the workshop. Those willing to respond to the challenge problems will be allowed to demonstrate their software "solutions". We anticipate this will act as a catalyst for further discussion, sharing of ideas and development.


You can download PDB structures and cryoEM density maps from Bake_Off Exercise link on the left.

Please Upload results from Bake_Off exercise to the Back_Off Result link on the left

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