Workshop on Single Particle Reconstruction, Map Interpretation and Visualization

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Event Time
All Day

Event location

University of Houston Texas Learning and Computation Center Houston, TX

Klaus Schulten, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana
Sriram Subramaniam, NIH/NCI
Andrej Sali, UCSF Mission Bay
Helen Berman, RCSB, Rutgers
Pawel Penczek, UT Med. School, Houston
Cathy Lawson, RCSB, Rutgers
Wen Jiang, Purdue University
Ben Webb, UCSF
Mike Schmid, BCM
Matt Baker, BCM
David Woolford, BCM
Yao Cong, BCM
Junjie Zhang, BCM
Ian Rees, BCM
Steven Ludtke, BCM
Wah Chiu, BCM

Steven Ludtke,
Wah Chiu,
Lenora Trujillo,

Video footage of all workshop presentations is now available online

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: October 1, 2008 (Registration now CLOSED)


We now have a sufficient number of participants (over 130) that we may overfill the lecture hall. If you are local, and wish to attend the workshop please contact Dr. Ludtke ( immediately. Do not expect to just show up and find somewhere to sit. Thank you !

This four day workshop will cover:

  • General image processing background
  • Single particle processing
  • Assisted structure interpretation
  • Homology modeling and model building

This workshop will be the first formal introduction of EMAN2, and single particle reconstruction tutorials will use this major new EMAN release rather than EMAN1 as in previous workshops. We will also cover additional topics such as SPARX (Penczek), AIRS (Baker), Modeller (Sali) and Gorgon (Baker). We have shifted the traditional time in early spring to coordinate with workshops offered by NRAMM in alternate years. As usual, the workshop will take place at the TLC^2 on the University of Houston campus, which offers a large computer teaching classroom.

Introductory lectures on general image processing theory will be given each morning, followed by practical sessions each afternoon. Tutorials will take place in the computer teaching classroom, which can seat ~50 students with individual PCs.

Due to computer availability, registration will be limited. Please provide information on the registration page indicating some of your background and reasons for attending the workshop. Acceptance emails will confirm registration once the registration period closes.

The entire workshop is free of charge, though participants will be responsible for their own travel and lodging. Due to the number of participants, we are unable to offer any additional monetary assistance.


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Gulf Coast Consortia

JEOL, Inc.

Texas Learning and Computation Center, University of Houston

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National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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