Cryo-EM Workshop: Cryo Specimen Preparation

Event Date

Event Time
10AM - 5PM

Event location

N420 Alkek Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, TX 77030

Htet Khant, NCMI
Caroline Fu, NCMI

Htet Khant,
Wah Chiu,

The workshop will focus on practical aspects of vitrification using FEI's Vitrobot Mark IV and Gatan Cryoplunge 3. Participants will prepare lipid vesicles and individually workout appropriate conditions to successfully vitrify the sample. Both sample preparation and the vitrification conditions need to be optimized in such a way that the lipid vesicles are uniformly dispersed in a thin film of amorphous ice with minimal contamination.

Vitrified samples prepared by participants will be imaged on JEM2100 cryo electron microscope using Gatan's 626 cryo-holder. Basic alignment procedure and low dose setup on the microscope will be briefly introduced. Participants will also learn how to screen samples using "manual mode" as well as automated data collection software package (JADAS-JEOL Automated Data Acquisition System).

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