Cryo-EM 3D Image Analysis Symposium 2016

Event Date

Event Time
9AM - 5PM

Event location

Lake Tahoe, California

Dorit Hanein,
Steve Ludtke,
Alicia Uncangco,

Organizing Committee

Wah Chiu, Ed Egelman, Ben Hankamer, Masahide Kikkawa, David Mastronarde, Pawel Penczek, Henning Stahlberg, Fei Sun, Niels Volkmann

A limited subset of the presentations from the meeting are available online:

Meeting Presentation Archive

If you attended the workshop, PLEASE fill out the workshop survey. It is handled through Google, so we cannot identify individual responses, but Google will prevent multiple responses from the same person:

Symposium Survey

The second workshop in this series will again focus on cutting edge techniques for image analysis in Cryo-EM. Intended to be more technical than the annual Gordon Conference, speakers at this event represent most of the leading software developers in this field. Attendance by post-docs and grad students is encouraged, with a goal of open discussion of the details of methods being used and developed in the field.

The workshop will have 7 sessions over 2 1/2 days:

    • Keynote: Joachim Frank
    • Handling Compositional and Conformational Variability
    • High Resolution Subtomogram Averaging and Related Techniques
    • High Resolution Single Particle Analysis
    • Resolution Assessment, Model and Map Validation
    • Direct Detector Data Storage Roundtable
    • Selected Poster Talks



We would also like to gratefully acknowledge support of the NIGMS (R13GM112397)

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