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The ATC CryoEM Core is a state-of-the-art resource for near-atomic resolution 3-D analysis of the structure and dynamics of macromolecules and assemblies, either purified or within cells. This includes the established technique of single particle analysis, whereby images of tens of thousands to millions of isolated macromolecules are reconstructed to produce one or more 3-D structures at resolutions as high as 0.2 nm, as well as in-situ electron cryotomography which permits the 3-D study of cells or regions of cells at resolutions 100x better than optical microscopy. Unlike super-resolution optical microscopy, this is true structural information at 1-5 nm resolution, not just localization. This later technique is now being extended to extract the structures of macromolecules from within the cellular volume, producing 3-D structure of macromolecules as they are functioning in their native state. For purified complexes, single particle analysis is a direct alternative to X-ray crystallography, and can provide additional information about dynamics and compositional variability, which crystallography cannot access. Our core is equipped with three high-end electron cryomicroscopes and the associated equipment required to prepare optimal specimens.

We have the equipment and expertise to approach a wide range of structural problems at the 1 nm – 1 micron scale. We can assist with all aspects of CryoEM/ET from optimal specimen preparation through 3-D reconstruction and analysis.

Getting Started

If you plan to make use of the ATC CryoEM Core, we require a brief (no cost) consultation with Dr. Ludtke and/or Dr. Wang for new projects. If you aren't ready for a meeting, but just have questions about the method, feel free to email Dr. Ludtke any time. To request a new project consultation, register in iLabs, then go to the "Request Services" tab and fill out a "New Project Proposal & Consultation Request" form. This will ask for some details about your specimen, and we will contact you to schedule a meeting. If you are an experienced CryoEM user, and already know precisely what you need, you will still need to fill out the project information form, but we will waive the meeting requirement.

Propose a research project to be performed at the ATC CryoEM Core,Baylor College of Medicine.If you have confidentiality concerns, or would like to discuss the general feasibility of your project prior to submitting a proposal, you are welcome to email Steve Ludtke (sludtke@bcm.edu).

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