Computing facilities

The workshop will be held at 3 sites. The lectures will occur in the Hilton's meeting room 2 days and in Hoffman Hall the other 2 days. Network connections for your laptop may not be available in the Hilton. Hoffman Hall is equipped with a 10/100bt network jack at each seat. You will need to provide your own cable. The lecture hall also has 802.11b wireless capabilities, but due to firewall restrictions it is not likely to be particularly useful.

The afternoon tutorial sessions will be held in a separate computer lecture room in Hoffman Hall, which is equipped with 48 individual PCs. Each PC is an Athlon 1800xp with Geforce 2 graphics and a flat-panel monitor. While the machines are capable of dual-booting, the entire workshop will take place under linux. A limited number of network connections will be available for laptops in this room as well, mainly for purposes of copying user-data onto the PC's. Due to the configuration of this room, it will be difficult to share PCs, we believe 8 of the 48 PC's are situated so they can be reasonably shared, and we have admitted sufficient students to take advantage of this. Due to fire regulations we are limited in the number of 'observers' that can be present in this room.

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