EMAN2.21 / SPHIRE1.0

Release Date



EMAN2.21 - released on 01/30/18 This is a minor release of EMAN2/SPARX/SPHIRE, including some improvements and numerous bugfixes over the 2.2 release. Note that a Windows binary will be available shortly. Source code is available via GitHub: https://github.com/cryoem/eman2

Version changes

Major changes to EMAN2:

  • Bispectrum based class-averaging and 3-D refinement. ~10-50x faster. Better 2-D class averages.
  • Better support for GPU in Neural Network tomogram segmentation and particle picking
  • Direct support for phase plates in CTF correction with adjustable phase slider and autofitting (first version, room for improvement)
  • Better GUI display of CTF and Astigmatism
  • Fix bug causing "missing SNR" problem during refinement in specific situations
  • e2symsearch3d bugs fixed
  • Many subtomogram averaging bugs fixed. New pipeline under development.
  • Many improvements to e2evalrefine for particle and class-average assessment

Download EMAN2.21 / SPHIRE1.0

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