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Abstract submissions:
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Alberto Bartesaghi
Data-driven dose weighting for high-resolution single-particle Cryo-EM

Amit Singer
Kam's method for single particle reconstruction

Anastasia Syntychaki
A single-particle EM approach for differential visual proteomics

Ayelet Heimowitz
APPLE picker, Automatic Particle Picking for Cryo-EM

Bart van Knippenberg
Towards automatic screening for cryo-em autogrid selection

Bruno Klaholz
Volta phase plate data collection facilitates image processing and cryo-EM structure determination

Carlos Oscar Sanchez Sorzano
High-resolution reconstructions and local-directional resolution

Christos Gatsogiannis
SPHIRE 1.0: fast and reproducible processing of single particle EM data

David Mastronarde
Frame Alignment and CTF Fitting in IMOD and SerialEM

Fei Sun
Recent progress of missing-wedge compensated electron tomography reconstruction program ICON

Florian Schur
CTF-correction in high-resolution subtomogram averaging

Grant Jensen
Progress towards collecting tilt-series in seconds rather than minutes with a new "high precision" stage

Hans Elmlund
Algorithms for accelerated near-atomic resolution single- and multi-particle 3D reconstruction

Henning Stahlberg
FOCUS - The interface between data collection and data processing in cryo-EM

Javier Vargas
Improving 3D reconstructions of macromolecular conformations

Jing He
Advanced Computational Methods in Detection of Secondary Structures from Medium-resolution Density Maps

Michael G. Rossmann
Structure of Zika Virus

Min Xu
Deep learning based structural pattern mining in cellular electron cryo tomograms - several exploratory studies

Muyuan Chen
A machine learning method for resolving heterogeneity in CryoEM single particle reconstruction

Pawel Penczek
3D Sorting in cryo-EM with Outcome Validation

Radostin Danev
CTF fitting and performance checks with the Volta phase plate

Roy Lederman
Hyper-molecule representation of the continuum of molecular conformations in cryo-EM

Serban Ilca
Multiple Spooled Conformations of a Viral dsRNA Genome Revealed by Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Thorsten Wagner
SPHIRE-crYOLO: Accurate and well centered particle picking

Tim Grant
cisTEM (computational imaging system for transmission electron microscopy)

Tomasz Osinski
A novel filamentous virus infects hyperthermophilic acidophiles

Wen Jiang
s2stigmator: a closed-form solution for single-pass correction of TEM image astigmatism

Yuta Komori
PyFilamentPicker: semi-automated filament tracer for cryo-EM structure determination

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