5th International Symposium on Cryo-3D Image Analysis 2024


Wednesday 13, March 2024
Saturday 16, March 2024


Granlibakken Conference Center,

Lake Tahoe, California


We are happy to announce the 5th biennial CryoEM 3D Image Analysis Symposium to be held at Granlibakken in March 2024. As in the past, the symposium provides a GRC-like atmosphere with a strong focus on technical aspects of algorithms for image processing in CryoEM. Participants are encouraged to discuss issues in depth, and long discussion sessions are scheduled for each talk. We also have a significant poster-talk session for cutting edge developments and discussion for those bringing new concepts into CryoEM. The meeting has been very well attended in the past with ~150 participants, a large fraction of whom are active methods developers in the field. We have been very successful in attracting a range of people from students and postdocs to senior faculty, and have had very good and in depth discussions on algorithms and methodologies in this field.

The topics for this year's symposium are:

  • Conformational Variability
  • Protocol automation (from correlative LM to Aquilos and beyond)
  • AI deep learning
  • Data Validation, model building and model quality
  • Feature Annotation/Segmentation in-situ, ie. identifications of proteins from volume
  • Round Table

To register or submit abstracts, please click here


Steve J. Ludtke
Baylor College of Medicine
Dorit Hanein
UC Santa Barbara


David Mastronarde


University of Colorado Boulder


Mark Basham
Rosalind Franklin Institute
Pilar Cossio
Simons foundation
Joey Davis
Slavica Jonic
Sorbonne University
Jason Kaelber
Rutgers University
Daisuke Kihara
Purdue University
Bronwyn Lucas
University of California, Berkeley
Antonio Martinez-Sanchez
University of Murcia (Spain)
Peter Schwander
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Carlos Oscar Sorzano
National Center for Biotechnology (Spain)
Min Xu
Carnegie Mellon University
Hong Zhou


Jose-Maria Carazo
National Center for Biotechnology (Spain)
Edward Egelman
University of Virginia
Masahide Kikkawa
The University of Tokyo
Niels Volkmann
UC Santa Barbara
Peijun Zhang
University of Oxford


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