_testing area for devs only

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The binaries here are used only for development and testing purposes.


Minimal size binaries: *.minimal.*

The binaries are kept as minimal as possible in size. All the rest of the dependencies will be downloaded during installation. So, it is a good idea to make use of conda's caching by designating the packages directory out of EMAN2 binary installation. For existing EMAN2/miniconda/anaconda installations follow the instructions below, for new installations follow the steps after the installation:

1. conda config --add pkgs_dirs <path-to-global-conda-cache-dir>

2. mv <current-conda-directory>/pkgs/* <path-to-global-conda-cache-dir>

Once this is done, conda will not need to re-download any packages unless updates are available, even if the binary installation is removed completely and a new installation is done from scratch.

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