Instructions for post-registration abstract submission:

1. Login to your account
2. Go to USER PORTAL->Manage your Workshop Registrations
3. Click on “Edit Registration”
4. Scroll down and enter your Abstract title
5. Click “Choose File” to upload your abstract (Microsoft Word or PDF formats preferred)

Abstract guidelines:

Title (Arial 14, remainder in Arial 11)
Authors (presenting author highlighted)
Abstract text (no figures, 1 page total absolute max, 1/2 page suggested)

Abstract submissions:
Participant name
Abstract title

Roy Lederman
Hyper-molecule representation of the continuum of molecular conformations in cryo-EM

Ayelet Heimowitz
APPLE picker, Automatic Particle Picking for Cryo-EM

Thorsten Wagner
SPHIRE-crYOLO: Accurate and well centered particle picking

Alberto Bartesaghi
Data-driven dose weighting for high-resolution single-particle Cryo-EM

Anastasia Syntychaki
A single-particle EM approach for differential visual proteomics

Tomasz Osinski
A novel filamentous virus infects hyperthermophilic acidophiles

Ruben Rosas Ospina
Electron Microscopy Investigation of the Structure of the Yeast Chromatin Assembly Factor-1 Bound to DNA

Serban Ilca
Multiple Spooled Conformations of a Viral dsRNA Genome Revealed by Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Yuta Komori
PyFilamentPicker: semi-automated filament tracer for cryo-EM structure determination

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