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Adam Fluty
Assessing the impact of bit-reduction compression on single particle refinement

Adam Marko
Visibility, Backup, and Archive for CryoEM Datasets

Alimohammad Hojjatian
CryoEM Structure Determination of Alpha-synuclein fibrils interacting with Tau

Antonio Martinez-Sanchez
Template-free detection and classification of membrane-bound complexes

Ariana Peck
Cryo-electron tomography of protein nanocrystals for structure determination

Bart van Knippenberg
Improved SPA throughput in EPU by using an enhanced acquisition strategy

Beata Turonova
Pushing Water Uphill with a Rake: Resolving High-Resolution Structure of the Nuclear Pore Complex with Subtomogram Averaging

Benjamin Himes
Incorporating tilted image processing into cisTEM

Christopher Aylett
LAFTER and SIDESPLITTER - approaches for handling conformational flexibility and overfitting

Colin Palmer
CCP-EM: software for cryo-EM

Daisuke Kihara
Protein 3D structure modeling from medium-resolution cryo-EM density maps

daniel castano
Alignment of tilt series

Daniel Serwas
Mechanistic insights into actin-based force generation during clathrin-mediated endocytosis via in situ cryo-electron tomography

Dario Oliveira Passos
Structural Basis for Strand Transfer Inhibitor Binding to HIV Intasomes

Demian Keihsler
Watching Protein Degradation in Action with Time-resolved Electron Cryo- Microscopy

Dmitry Lyumkis
Tools for investigating Fourier space sampling and anisotropy in cryo-EM

Fengbin Wang
Structure of Microbial Nanowires Reveals Stacked Hemes that Transport Electrons over Micrometers

Frank DiMaio
Domain contact prediction as a tool for cryoEM map interpretation

Hamidreza Rahmani
Helical Parameters and Their Uncertainties: A Potential Filtering Tool

I-Ping Tu

James Fraser
Validating models and assessing map quality by density sampling

Kai Cai
Structural Organization of the C1b supercomplex within the ciliary central apparatus

Kristina Barragan Sanz
The Rocking Phase Plate – another step towards improved stability

Matthias Eibauer
Revealing the polarity of actin filaments in intact cells

Michael Chapman
Interactions of AAV and its Cell Receptor; Holistic Multi-resolution Cryo-EM/ET for Flexible Complexes

Muyuan Chen
A complete data processing workflow for cryo-electron tomography

Paul Emsley
Improvement and Validation of Atomic Models of Cryo-EM Reconstructions using Coot and Friends

Philip Baldwin
Non-uniformity of projection distributions attenuates resolution in Cryo-EM

Philipp Erdmann
Not available

Sagar Khavnekar
STOPGAP_refine: Tilt series refinement for high-resolution subtomogram averaging

Scott Stagg
Reconstruction of Average Subtracted Tubular Regions (RASTR) Enables Structure Determination of Tubular Filaments by Cryo-EM

Slavica Jonic
Non-classification-based methods for deciphering continuous conformational variability: Methods combining image analysis, molecular mechanics simulation, and machine learning

Stella Sun
Dissecting Pathogenesis of Central Nervous System (CNS)-parasites by Electron Cryo-tomography (Cryo-ET)

Sven Klumpe
Streamlining the Cryo-FIB Lift-Out procedure for cryo-electron tomography studies of multicellular organisms

Toshio Moriya
Optimal Box/Particle Size based on Defocus Distribution for 200keV Single Particle CryoEM of <200kD proteins.

Wei-hau Chang
2SDR-Pre: a Fast Pre-Processor for Single-Particle Cryo-EM through Enhancing 2D Clustering

Wes Wigglesworth
Advances in Vibration Control Strategies for Cryo TEM, E-beam Metrology and other Nanotech tools

William Wan
STOPGAP: A software package for subtomogram averaging and refinement

Yao Shen
The heptameric assembly of TnsC bound to DNA reveals the activation mechanism of Tn7 transposition

Yilai Li
High-throughput cryo-EM enabled by user-free preprocessing routines

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